Why Robin Hood Is Actually A Really Bad Guy

Friday, November 16, 2018
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    Why Robin Hood Is Actually A Really Bad Guy

    Why is Robin Hood the good guy in all the movies? Why does every single movie show Robin Hood as doing good deeds, when he is actually wasn't always so nice in the beginning?

    If we learn world history via Hollywood, we are in trouble, as the movie version of historical events is often a butchered slice of past life that bears little resemblance to what actually happened. The movie Braveheart, which depicted William Wallace as a near-faultless hero, has been called one of the “most historically inaccurate movies” of our time. For one thing, in real life, Wallace was born into Scottish gentry and he certainly didn’t wear a kilt.
    It’s also highly doubtful that Pocahontas actually fell in love with John Smith, and historians tell us it’s very unlikely she saved his life.
    With all that in mind, welcome to this episode of the Infographics Show, Why Robin Hood Was Actually A Bad Guy.

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