Coleman Heritage - From Lanterns to RVs, a Century in the Making

Published on Oct 31, 2018
Camping World
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Coleman Heritage - From Lanterns to RVs, a Century in the Making

For many people, the Coleman name is synonymous with camping and the outdoors. For well over a century, Coleman has supplied American families with the highest-quality gear for any of their adventuring needs.

It all started with a light, a shining example of what sets Coleman apart. At the turn of the 20th century, W.C. Coleman noticed gas-burning lanterns gave off a vibrant white light as opposed to the dull yellow emitted by most lanterns of the time. He took this idea of a brighter, better light, “The Sunshine of the Night,” and used it to build an outdoor supply company that values quality as its leading principle.

What at first started with lanterns and gas-powered appliances expanded to other areas. Soon, Coleman was selling everything from sleeping bags and tents to cookware, thermoses, and coolers.

The company’s dedication to quality has never changed. There’s a reason you will find Coleman products in most homes across the country. They’re built with pride, and they’re built to last. The Coleman cooler you remember your grandfather using on your first fishing trip now sits in your parents’ garage. Next to it, your dad’s Coleman lantern rests ready for the next late night at the campground.

In 1967, Coleman entered the RV market. Today its name can be found on a variety of products. As Coleman’s exclusive partner in the RV industry, Camping World is proud to offer Coleman’s quality campers.

The attention to detail, smart design, and strong heritage of the Coleman name can only be found in a trailer at a Camping World dealership.

We value our partnership with this iconic American outfitter as generations of adventurers have valued the brand before us. It’s a legacy that’s worthy of reverence, and we’re proud to be the sole purveyors of Coleman branded campers.

The quality of Coleman RVs is undeniable, and the numbers don’t lie. Coleman is a top-five brand in the nation in the RV industry. We’re proud to have played our part in distributing them to the customer.

We will continue to be the sole providers of the brand’s trailers and proudly sell Coleman products and gear in our stores. We want to help Coleman light the way for another century of camping and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family.