Bonus Sumo: Ama's Win With Slow Motion and English Comments!

Published on May 21, 2008
Download Bonus Sumo: Ama's Win With Slow Motion and English Comments!
Bonus Sumo: Ama's Win With Slow Motion and English Comments!

Hikosaemon here and as promised a special replay of the bout on Day 8 between Wakanoho of Russia and Ama of Mongolia, with a slow motion replay and English commentary jammed in!

I was lucky enough to be at the Kokugikan with my video camera to see the moment live, and while 2008 has been a fantastic year for classic matches with the facedowns between the two Yokozuna Asashoryu and Hakuho taking center stage, for pure skill and excitement, Ama showed us one of the memorable matches of the year with his stunning reversal against Wakanoho.

You would have already heard me say in my earlier vids that I like Ama and think he is a great wrestler to watch - still small in size, but the heart of a horse, with skill, speed and crazy moves to win against his bigger adversaries. Watch this space - he could still make Ozeki this year, and who knows, with a bit more weight to ground him, he could be Yokozuna material, as he showed taking out Yokozuna Hakuho on Day 10.

This is a cracker of a tournament with Bulgarian Kotooshu holding the sole lead on Day 11 having taken out Asashoryu leaving the yokozuna with two losses and the Bulgarian with a clean sheet. Kotooshu faces the other yokozuna, Hakuho - with one loss to his name tomorrow on Day 12. Kotooshu will virtually guarantee the win and be the first European ever to win a sumo tournament if he can dispose of the other mongol Yokozuna. It should be great!

If you want to follow the action, here are some great vlogs and web pages:
myargonauts gives daily sumo coverage throughout the tournament

The best and most entertaining English commentary on the web is at:

You can check results here:

And some fantastic YouTube Sumo vids are here:

So get yourself some chanko, pull up a seat and enjoy Japan's oldest and STILL most exciting sport!




UPDATE: I've received some corrections to my very amateur commentary from jasonry (I'm just a fan, not an expert and I appreciate the correction), and he pointed out the following;
"Morozashi is double inside-grip. That bout was the migi-yotsu form of ai-yotsu (4-hands inside/outside). Migi-yotsu vs. hidari-yotsu is determined by inside grip (migi = right)"
My claim that the overhand grip is everything in sumo (as a way of being able to leverage your opponent) is thus also apparently also off the mark also. Back to the drawing board...
Thanks to Jasonry for the lesson, and yes, I will try to be diligent about learning a bit more (he recommends

Ah well. Still a great match... Hope you enjoy it.