Published on Oct 14, 2018

Oh no! A robber has come to the Twin Time market and played a trick on the cashier in order to sneakily take some things from the store. Sheriff Michael on his new Rideamals Horse and Police Man Zac are called and quickly start their search for this bandit. Watch to find out what happens next! Get a personalized video from us to you! Check out our Cameo profile to find out how:

Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register-
2-Volt Rideamals Scout Pony Interactive Ride-On Toy-
Kid Motorz Police Motorcycle 12-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On-

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We rode the 12-Volt Rideamals Scout Pony Interactive Ride-On Toy by Kid Trax in this video.
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Thanks again for watching: Robber Takes Our Money!! Kid Police Sheriff Saves the Day!
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