Trick Shot Gauntlet Challenge w/ Jake Paul!

Published on Nov 23, 2016
Trick Shot Gauntlet Challenge w/ Jake Paul!
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Trick Shot Gauntlet Challenge w/ Jake Paul!

John and Carson from Legendary Shots take on Jake Paul in the trick challenge of the century (...month, week? Not many of these exist so it's hard to compare). Half court shot, followed by eating an entire PB&J with NO MILK, frisbee through a paper target, bottle flip followed by an optional dab that has a 50/50 chance of adding 10 seconds to your time or taking away 10 seconds, travel in a hamster ball, backward shot, and a final tennis ball throw at a large target ends your time! Who will win? Where did we get the hamster ball? IS THE DAB DEAD OR NOT?! Find out the answer to the first question by watching!

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Big thanks to Kidron Cannon for helping out with the filming!
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Special thanks to Alyson Stoner for the voiceover skills!
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