Top 5 Money Myths

Friday, September 16, 2016
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    Top 5 Money Myths

    Top 5 Money Myths

    Movies like Wolf of Wall Street, Oceans Eleven, The Big Short, and A Good Year, make it look so easy to make big money. But how much of what we see is bullshit? In this episode of Watchmojo's Top 5 Myths we're dispelling the biggest myths about cash, dollars, pounds, yen, bucks, yuan, euros - whatever you call it!

    Asking the big questions like "Does the US owe China so much debt that they own them?" "What does it take to trade stock?" "should I open a savings account?" and "Will I be put in a different tax bracket if I get a raise?".

    And if this got you in the mood for more money-making myths, why not check out our 5 myths about Las Vegas:

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