The Future Technology of Display in 2020, #02

Published on Jan 4, 2017
The Future Technology of Display in 2020, #02

The Future Technology of Display in 2020, #02
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Welcome to the future technology: The Glass Age
Where materials science is constantly pushing boundaries and creating new possibilities for glass-enabled technology and design.
1. Corning
From advantaged glass compositions to larger, thinner, and lighter substrates, Corning’s fundamental technology contributions have been essential to the birth and ongoing development of the display industry.

Corning Thin Glass is LCD display-grade glass offered in customized form factors for specialty applications. We offer made-to-order, customized shapes and sizes for Corning fusion drawn display glasses. Our products can be provided as cut sheet, edge finished part, wafer, or in component form.

2. LG

The future is now! With the LG transparent display you can witness a viewing experience like nothing else. The flexible display represents a previously unseen marvel of technology, placing focus on the screen’s brilliant image, and not the screen itself.