The Best Unicorn Crafts TO MAKE YOUR DAY MAGICAL

Download The Best Unicorn Crafts TO MAKE YOUR DAY MAGICAL
    The Best Unicorn Crafts TO MAKE YOUR DAY MAGICAL

    Unicorn mood!🦄 Slime Sam is under the rainbow spell and can't stop making unicorn DIYs and unicorn slime! HELP HIM!🤪🦄

    0:10 - Unicorn School Supplies

    Do you want your home desk to look like a magical cloud where unicorns live? Well, then you simply cannot do without these absolutely magnificent DIY supplies for back to school! In this episode, Sue will be making two things from a really cool book of unicorn crafts. One is a super cute pen that looks like ice cream and like a unicorn at the same time and the second one is the pen holder that is shaped like a cloud! Watch the video for detailed instructions on how to make unicorn school supplies with Sue and Slime Sam.

    9:47 - Unpacking Giant Unicorn Poopsie Baby

    If those unicorn school supplies were not enough for you, don't worry! We got something even more fun. We'll be unboxing a giant Poopsie package that has a bunch of different slimes and the best of all A GIANT UNICORN BABY! This girl is the prettiest! She has rainbow hair that you can brush and she can also... you know... go!

    24:33 - Unboxing Unicorn Slime Kit

    Ok, slime lovers, you want more??? It's no problem! We saved another sweet slime kit unboxing for last. And this one is even called UNICORN SLIME KIT! You can't go wrong with this one. Inside of a big colorful box, you'll find a bunch of slime ingredients, printed tutorial with step-by-step instruction on how to make unicorn slime and many different slime fillers. Make them all and then combine and make a giant unicorn slime! Well, that's what we did anyway...

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