Sleep For Free (How I Saved $18,000 While Traveling)

2012 January 08
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Benjamin Jenks
Sleep For Free (How I Saved $18,000 While Traveling) is the place for unique travel tips. Stop by today and sign up for my 5 Travel Lessons. Read the full article here: Sleeping for free while you traveling is now a reality for a traveler that seeks authentic and unconventional experiences. If you have been making excuses that you want to travel, but you can't because of $$$... then you better not tell Benjamin Jenks. He will not be happy with you. No more excuses... check the 11 ways to find out how. Couchsurfing: Benjamin's Couchsurfing: WWOOF: Chris' Beginner's Guide To Travel Hacking: Lea's Guide to Housesitting: Sleeping in Airports: Squat The Planet: Also, if my videos have been helping please take a minute and share this with your friends. Facebook or Twitter would be a good spot. This is how great shit gets elevated on the internet. Thanks again!