Retro Tech: The Wire Recorder

Published on Jul 3, 2016
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Retro Tech: The Wire Recorder

The Wire Recorder was expected to take over the world but disappeared almost overnight. In this video I take a look at this now largely forgotten technology from the past..and piece together its history. PLEASE CLICK 'SHOW MORE' TO READ ALL THE TEXT

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If you want to know why I didn't record via the's the answer

'Recording via line in requires connecting the input device to the 'mic socket' via a Jones connector. I imported some Cinch Jones connectors from the US, and wired them up to RCA sockets but the sound recorded on the wire was clearer when recorded through the mic. I didn't include this section in the video because it was as dull as this explanation about it'

...and if you wanted to know why I didn't record the audio out of the headphone output....well the levels were very low and the sound had an audible whistle.

So now you know, you can go back to having a lovely worry-free day.

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