Retarded Sports Scoring Systems

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
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    Retarded Sports Scoring Systems

    By the way, just so you know, the main purpose of this video is to prepare some sports fans for a video I wanna make soon. Some sports fans treat their fave sports like their own children, and to insult it would result in them wanting to beat the shit out of you, burn your housee down, kill you, or even worse......unsubscribe! PLEASE DON'T! lol.
    So the main purpose of this is to ease you sports fans into the upcoming video, whenever that is. Okay?

    Some scoring systems in some sports are so stupid man. I've played bowling a few times before and it's never made immediate sense to me. If a guy with a Master's Degree in Maths can't "get" your scoring system in 2 minutes, it's too fucking complicated.

    Btw, please, no comments explaining it, okay? I'm fully aware of how to fucking Google it and I'm sure I'd "get" it straight away, alright? Thanks lol.

    I need one just in case my channel ever fucks off due to some bullshit copyright strike or something. Not got ANYTHING UP there yet, but it's there as a precaution.

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    Much love to all you insanely sexy people.

    I'll keep writing this in my descriptions until I actually see the changes we wanna see.