Published on Sep 16, 2014

Salient Features of Mailhem’s Ready-to-Install Portable Organic Waste Treatment Plant

-Neat and hygienic disposal of organic waste at its source of generation.
-Savings in the cost of transportation for waste disposal.
-No civil construction required.
-Pre-assembled and factory tested, hence can be installed & commissioned immediately.
-Easy to relocate, if required.
-Very compact, hence conservation of space.
-Can be installed in the parking area or even on the terraces – if structure can take the load.
-No foul smell and flies / mosquito nuisance, since gas tight top covers are provided.
-Easy maintenance and only one operator required.
-Semi-automatic operation, hence saving in power consumption.
-Limited requirement of fresh water qty. proportion is 1000mL for 1 kg of organic waste.
-Modular type, hence capacity enhancement is possible.
-This project helps in the reduction of Green House Gases (GHG) emissions.

Government of India Initiatives
-At present excise duty is exempted on this biogas plant being a renewable source of energy.
-Concessional rates of taxes & duties being a renewable source of energy.
-80% depreciation is available in the year of installation of biogas plant