Published on Apr 4, 2017

Diana HATED Windows 8 when she first tried it. Back then she had trouble simply locating saved text documents, but now, she's back and ready to attack! Will she be able to burn this operating system onto a non-existant drive? (nice way of saying MURDER IT!!!) Or will it turn out to be indestructible? Find out by watching this episode of OSFirstTimer!

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OSFirstTimer Advanced ditches the original 5 basic tasks and introduces a new random advanced task each episode. The task can involve literally anything from video editing to 3d modelling to programming and even attempting to destroy an operating system.

Random tasks using random software in random operating systems from random time periods... now this will be a lot more interesting! Don't worry though as we may occasionally go back to our roots and do a few "original series" episodes.

I hope you guys enjoy this episode and look forward to whatever crazy task we do next episode on OSFirstTimer Advanced.