YDB Catastrophe / Atlantis Moral Collapse? / Cosmography101-31.1 w/ Randall Carlson 2008

Published on Sep 20, 2018
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YDB Catastrophe / Atlantis Moral Collapse? / Cosmography101-31.1 w/ Randall Carlson 2008

Cosmography101 Class 31 segment 1 (Nov. 5, 2008)
*Atlantis discussion brought in prior to 1st commercial break*
Overview notes/topics:
Montana IAFI field trip pictures: Chief Cliff
Canadian/US conflict over source of flood-waters
Sediments at Lake Roosevelt near Kettle Falls
Sanpoil River varves result of different regime of melting
Younger Dryas Boundary events at 12,900 and 11,600 years ago
Two catastrophes to kill off mega-fauna and emerge from Ice Age
Black Mat at Clovis sites differentiated extinct/extant animals and from Folsom artifacts
Land/ocean impacts, or into ice sheet itself

Plato talks about moral degeneracy of Atlantis’ culture at the end – ignored the greater reality
Read dialogues: Critias and Timaeus (Jowett translation)
Plato gives date for sinking of Atlantis at 11,600 years ago – same as science gives for second catastrophic sea level rise at the end of the Ice Age – can’t be coincidence
Evidence strongly supports landmass beneath Azores islands in the middle Atlantic that sank
Rheology – physics of the Earth [study of the deformation or flow of matter]
Mid-Atlantic Ridge a “hinge zone”
Gulf Stream would have created benign climate and ideal place for advanced culture
Literature going back to Ignatious Donnely et al point to Mid-Atlantic
Mid 70s USGS geologists say there’s no evidence there, so many other locations then proposed
Evidence is overwhelming that it’s there, and sunk fairly recently
Lake Roosevelt deposits below Kettle Falls: explain gradient, erosive power, deposition relations

Geologists quote Dorothy B. Vitaliano from her book: 3 options whether myth or legend
Ignatius Donnelly book “The Antediluvian World” puts forth 13 propositions
Only two of thirteen propositions relevant to geologic discussion/question
Turn arguments around – switched from “large island” to “submerged continent”
Simple dismissal of evidence, then says other 11 must not be correct either, or mere coincidence
“Clown” L. Sprague DeCamp comments regarding “scientific fringes” – a red herring
Throws in many speculations that Plato did not mention (“reduxio ad absurdium”)
Inaudible question regarding chances of direct impact into the island?

Connection to X-factor - later in lecture
Faced with sudden sea-level rise and their own demise, perhaps massive infrastructure created
Something must have been driving the enslavement of Atlanteans, then war and 2nd catastrophe
*Moral degeneracy or catastrophe first? Degeneracy may be cause of people ignoring what they should be paying attention to: how to endure the catastrophe and survive through it
Here’s Atlantis – on sea floor bathymetric map of mid-Atlantic with central ridge
How features fit Plato’s description of location
Transmission of story down to Plato, back to Solon and Egyptian priests
Proclus’s commentary on Crantor’s writings regarding two pillars
Other lines of information from independent commenters would add confirmation to Plato’s stories
Fair-skinned Burburs from the West African Atlas Mountains and Guanches from Canary Islands
Too deep for scuba diving, but could rent a Russian sub like James Cameron for Titanic movie

Exaggerated maps of Atlantic sea floor, orientation to MAR and Azores Islands
Another map with labels
Atlantean “colonies” around the ocean at other proposed Atlantis sites
Bruce Heezen one of deans of marine geology quote
Great Meteor, Cruiser, and Atlantis seamounts south of Azores
Please read Plato! Critias and Timaeus!

Solution to problem comes with thoroughly understanding the problem
*Identify the problem: we’re living on a planet that’s vulnerable to periodic catastrophes
30 years of evidence shows catastrophes are quite frequent, and confirmed what Ancients warned
At least Al Gore is looking 100 years down the road…
1-5 percent have spiritual responsibility to bring this world to a place where it needs to be