Mom Always Said Dad Was A Bad Man. But I Found Him And The Truth

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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Mom Always Said Dad Was A Bad Man. But I Found Him And The Truth

Hi, guys. My name is Kira, and this is my sister Leia. Recently we crossed half the country to find our dad, who we've never met in our lives.

Yeah, we never knew our dad. In our family this is something like a family curse. For almost eighty years, all the women in our family have lived without men. Our great-grandfather died in the war, and my grandmother grew up without a dad. Then her husband left her, and she raised our mother alone. And our dad left when I was born, and Leia was 3 years old. Mom said our father didn`t want to have a second child. So when she got pregnant with me, he left. And that was all we knew about him. Of course, it's not a mystery, these are just circumstances that have developed so that we are the fourth generation that lacks any male attention. My older sister wanted to break the curse and get married quickly. And she succeeded. As soon as Leia turned 18, her boyfriend proposed to her. But one dark event changed our lives.

One night I got a call. My mom was in the hospital. She was involved in an accident on her way home from work. I hurried to the hospital at breakneck speed, but I wasn`t able to get there in time and my mom didn`t make it. I didn`t even get to say goodbye. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my sister. We mourned so much, and we were just broken. In addition to this, we had a lot of other problems. The thing is, I was still a minor, and I needed a guardian. Leia, as my adult sister, wanted to become for me, and we were not supposed to have any custody issues. But her new husband stepped in. He didn't want their new family to suddenly have a 15-year-old girl living with them. So he gave her a choice - it was either me or him. I didn't want her to ruin her marriage because of me. That would just continue our family curse and I would never be able to forgive myself. So my mother's cousin was appointed as my guardian. She lived in another city, and I had to move. My sister was upset, but I encouraged her, and I told her that everything would be fine. And that, in three years, I'd be 18 and would be able to come back to my hometown.

I lived with this strange family for a year. And unfortunately I was never able to feel like I was at home. Even though they were essentially my relatives, I was a complete stranger to them. In addition, I was just an inconvenience that they had to endure. I was another person who needed to be fed and clothed, another person who took up space in their house, and another person who took away their oxygen. Yes, that's what it was like to live with them. The only joy for me was to call my sister and spend hours chatting with her. But I still missed my hometown, my friends, and the house where I grew up.
One day, I called Leia and heard her crying. I started to worry, and I asked what was wrong. Leia said that her marriage was falling apart. It turned out that her husband was cheating on her and now they were getting a divorce. What the hell! I was hoping that my sister would be able to stay happily married. The same thing that happened to my mom and grandma, was now happening to Leia! Unbelievable. I felt so sorry for her. I was even angry at our family's bad luck. During moments like this, it makes you wonder - maybe the curse does exist? But my sister and I have always been able to see the positive, even in a bad situation. Yes, Leia divorced, but now no one will get in the way of us living together. Moreover, my guardians were excited about my departure. So we got all the paperwork out of the way, and just like that I returned to my home and to my beloved sister.

I was happy about our reunion and moving into the house where I grew up. The only thing was that all my stuff had been taken up into the attic, but that really wasn't a problem. My sister and I went up there and started sorting boxes. In addition to my things, we found another interesting box. It wasn't marked, and it didn't belong to either of us. It turned out to be my mom's box. At that moment, tears came to our eyes. Mom has been gone for over a year, and we missed her so much. So we opened the box... Inside this box my mother kept things that reminded her of something important in her life. There were Leia's sliders, my first pacifier, an engagement ring, a bunch of old photos, and a lot of other stuff that mom had a lot of memories of. It was like we were looking into her soul. It felt so incredible.
But most of all we were interested in a pack of letters we found in this box. It was huge. And all the envelopes were signed with the same name. Chris Brenan. That was our dad.




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