Light Instrumental Music - study, work, relax - N°106 (4K)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
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Download Light Instrumental Music - study, work, relax - N°106 (4K)
    Light Instrumental Music - study, work, relax - N°106 (4K)

    A light instrumental music piece which you can use e.g. as music for studying, music at work or simply in your relaxing music playlist. Comes with video footage from KRKA National Park in Croatia.
    Music: N°106 (by relaxdaily)

    ...So, the footage to this video is from Croatia again. There’s a National Park called KRKA, and in that park there's a destination called "Skradinski buk”, a massive, clear, natural pool with high waterfalls at one end and cascades at the other. So on a good weather morning this was where I went to capture a few images for this video.
    It’s a beautiful nature destination, but also a quite popular one. I had the luck of being one of the first visitors on that day and so I had a few minutes to experience the beauty without a big crowd of people.

    If you want to go there as well and enjoy rather not too crowded places, visiting the park during spring and autumn months might be a good idea. Also being there early should help (check opening hours though).

    Water in general is a source of energy.
    For the body and for the mind.
    Hope you enjoy the video, and of course the music as well,
    Michael (relaxdaily)

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