Published on Jul 10, 2009


Majide (which is Japanese vernacular for "yes, you gotta be crazy!"), the show-within-the-show, is not an actual Japanese game show, but is intended to resemble what a stereotypical Japanese game show is like.[9] The American producers watched hours of these Japanese game shows, took the most common elements and created all of the games, with help from producers in Japan, who also produced the game segments at Toho Studios.[10] In contrast to many American game shows, which are usually based on either trivia (such as Jeopardy!) or mental skill (like The Price is Right), Japanese game shows tend to be more physically oriented, such as Takeshi's Castle. The Nickelodeon game show Double Dare was a hybrid of both the American and Japanese styles.

Majide is hosted by Rome Kanda[11] and judged by Masahiro Hurugori, known on the show as Judge Bobu (Bob). Kanda has translated "Majide" (マジで) as "You've got to be crazy!"