Gladius Mini 4K RC Submarine GOES REALLY DEEP in fresh & salt water!

Monday, September 16, 2019
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Download Gladius Mini 4K RC Submarine GOES REALLY DEEP in fresh & salt water!
    Gladius Mini 4K RC Submarine GOES REALLY DEEP in fresh & salt water!

    Taking the Chasing Gladius Mini 4K underwater ROV through it's paces from a dock then from a boat in the middle of Lake Washington exploring a World War II wreck over 100ft beneath the surface. I'm only SCUBA certified to 60ft so this drone can dive up to 330ft and go way deeper than I ever could.

    πŸ‘‡ Links to everything shown in video including production gear πŸ‘‡
    Chasing Gladius Mini (Direct) -
    Chasing Gladius Mini (Amazon) -
    Sony RX 100 VII (Main camera) -
    Zoom H6N (Audio recorder) -
    Sony PXW-Z90V (Secondary Camera) -

    πŸ‘‡ Table of contents πŸ‘‡
    [Coming soon] - Comment below with your time indexes and descriptions

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    πŸ‘‡ Chasing Gladius Mini Specifications πŸ‘‡
    One Touch Depth-Lock Mode
    Β±45Β°Adjustable Tilt-Lock Mode
    Dive To 330ft/100m
    Max Speed of 4.0 knots (2m/s)
    4K UHD Camera (Also can record 1080p for more time)
    One Touch Share On Social
    Live Stream Capabilities
    2hr Battery Life
    Portable Backpack Included
    Extra o-rings included

    πŸ‘‡ Recreational Usage πŸ‘‡
    Diving and Photography
    Yacht and Fishing Photography
    Underwater Exploration

    πŸ‘‡ Commercial Usage πŸ‘‡
    Safety Inspection
    Hull/Dock Inspection
    Reservoir Dam Inspection
    Infrastructure Inspection
    Aquaculture Inspection

    πŸ‘‡ Tips & Ticks πŸ‘‡
    Always rinse off thoroughly after use if using in pool or salt water to prevent seal failures!
    Spool out a ton of cable in a ring pile before launching, makes life much easier
    Transfer the cable from default spool to $5 extension cord spool for easier management

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