Published on Nov 5, 2017
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Produce free cooking gas with this device, a smaller version of the popular HomeBiogas 1.0 It has been refined and is now more cost-effective. It not only produces cooking gas but also liquid fertilizer which you can use to grow more delicious food.

This biogas appliance hopes to help families the world over cook using renewable energy. Described as “the most efficient, affordable, and rewarding way to transform food waste and animal manure into energy,” this is one biogas appliance that you can safely put to use in your own backyard.

Designed to be as approachable as possible (even to absolute strangers of biogas), using the HomeBiogas 2.0 is as easy as tossing in organic waste and allowing bacteria to do the rest. After a meal prep session or a meal, place your leftover food or scraps into the system’s sink. This transforms the calories that remain in this food waste into energy. The bacteria found in the digester will get to work on the organic matter, transforming it into biogas and fertilizer. And don’t worry — you can keep feeding the HomeBiogas 2.0 your leftovers for as long as you need to — the gas bag has a 700 liter capacity, which means that you’ll have plenty of gas to utilize the next time you’re ready to prepare a meal.

The HomeBiogas 2.0 is said to be able to provide up to three hours of cooking gas daily. And while it looks, smells, and burns similarly to traditional gas, you don’t have to worry about leaving a carbon footprint. Really, your’e doing the Earth a favor.