Marvel Avengers Endgame Guide I Theory Compilation

Published on Oct 15, 2018
Download Marvel Avengers Endgame Guide I Theory Compilation
Marvel Avengers Endgame Guide I Theory Compilation

Marvel theory: Galactus will appear in the Avengers 4 movie.
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There’s no shortage of fan theories concerning the events of the upcoming Avengers 4, but today, we’re going to be talking about one which could possible see the introduction of an iconic Marvel villain by the name of Galactus. He once started out as a mortal named Galan before being transformed into one of the most important cosmic forces in the Marvel Universe.

During Avengers: Infinity War, we saw the Infinity Stones tearing apart the very fabric of the universe and many fans wonder if we’ll be learning some new information about just how this crazy universe is all held together. Introducing Galactus could have far-reaching consequences and could even help make friends of old enemies, but this could just be wishful thinking on the parts of comic fans eager to see Galactus on the big screen. Tell us if you think this theory holds water in the comments section and then, click on the subscribe button for more from CBR.


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