Funny George W. Bush Bloopers - Must see?

Published on Dec 2, 2011
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Funny George W. Bush Bloopers - Must see?

Largest and funniest President George W. Bush Blooper collection in the World? Funny or Scary? For you to decide!
Confessions: 1:36 is fake, this is what really happened (if you have 33 minutes to spare):

And please disregard all and every Alex Jones references in this video, PRETTY PLEASE!! My bad! 😕 Sorry!

Before #1 we have Beavis and Butthead doing an excellent job as always, then Dubya's dad with his homo erotic revealings and last but not least Will Ferrell's famous nut impression! We all love Will!
I just wish I included Robin Williams in my video with his genius impressions of GWB Junior (RIP Robin, and your beautiful mind):

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The thing you have to love about Dubya is that he actually went to the the correspondents dinner!

Families is where our nation finds hope, where wings takes dream 🦋💤 ! I I thought you asked about the 🐷 !!?

Let's harness the power of clean coal💎!
Don't worry Mr. Trump, Melania is cleaning your 💎 as we speak! 🌈🦄

Melania, so so sorry, but no #metoo for you😱! It is not easy being a gold digger, I know 🥇 -- BUT, he is working VERY hard to put food on your family so that humans and 🐟 can co exist! And he might treat you with "nignity" for all I know 🙄

(Disregard all and every Alex Jones references in this vid, PLEASE!)

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12:06 Johann Sebastian Bach - Air - Bach, J.S. - "Air" Orchestral Suite N° 3 in D Major_BWV 1068, Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra
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1:36 It's fake, sorry, but it still stays in the video. Here is what really happened:

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