Fortnite Android - How To Play Fortnite On Android and iPhone - Fortnite iOS

Published on Jan 31, 2018
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Fortnite Android - How To Play Fortnite On Android and iPhone - Fortnite iOS

Play Fortnite On Android or iOS With The New Mobile App
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It`s time for Fortnite on ANDROID and iPhone

Fortnite Android / iOS is now available for all mobile devices. Fortnite is the solution for your gaming addiction

EPIC GAMES at it again! They have proven to be one of the best games developers out there with this new mobile version, although some are saying the graphics of PayStation 4 and that of Xbox One are better. The developers have created, far more than expected an efficient and faster game which smartphone and tablet users can play.

The best mobile app to be released so far this year 2018 is Fortnite’s iOS and Android version. This is a great turnaround for fans who have been expecting Fortnite to release a version that they can play on the move; we are very optimistic that this new version will thrill you. Before EPIC GAMES released it, they ran different tests to ensure that the functionality will be compatible with all versions of Android and iOS both new and old.

If you enjoy playing online, do not worry because a provision has been made for that. You can connect with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and just in case that is not available, you can still play in a single player mode. So, you don’t need to worry.

Follow and execute the following the steps below:

Downloading From An Android or iOS Device?
1.) Click on the iOS button or the Android button this depends on the phone you are using.
2.) After step 1 the verification process will begin, ensure you have the minimum required RAM which is 1.1GB.
3.) It is required of you to install not less than 2 from the appearing apps and also to play the apps not less than a minute, but you decide to go for the online survey.
4.) After an app has been played and has been exited, repeat the same process in the next app. This is a means of curbing overloading the servers.
5.) After the 4 steps above have been done, reboot your phone and Fortnite 2 mobile will begin the installation. After it has installed, you can open the game and get started.