El Capitan OS X Tutorial

Thursday, October 1, 2015
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El Capitan OS X Tutorial

El Capitan for Mac is here! Download our user guide here: http://bit.ly/ElCapitanGuide OSX 10.11 aka El Capitan is the latest operating system for Macs. In this tutorial we'll cover its main features including split screen mode, new spotlight features, Apple Mail runs better than ever in full screen mode, and a lot more.

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Apple Mail Changes 00:50
Photos New Features 03:38
Spotlight 05:25
Split Screen Mode: 07:57
Safari Features: 11:58
Notes 14:47
Additional Features: 17:24

El Capitan is a free upgrade for all Mac users who meet the system requirements. This tutorial covers the main features of El Capitan including split screen mode, new mail features, improved spotlight features and more.


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