DJ Panther's FOREVER FREESTYLE (2 hrs. PantherMix)

Saturday, May 2, 2015
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Raúl González
Download DJ Panther's FOREVER FREESTYLE (2 hrs. PantherMix)
    DJ Panther's FOREVER FREESTYLE (2 hrs. PantherMix)


    2 horas de algunos de los grandes éxitos de música Freestyle de los 80s
    I-'ll Be All You Ever Need by Trinere
    2-.Lookout Weekend by Debbie Deb
    3-.Spring Love by Stevie B
    4-.Funky Little Beat by Connie
    5-.Silent Morning By Noel
    6-.There Playing Our Song by Trinere
    7-.All Night by Trinere
    8-.When I Hear Music by Debbie Deb
    9-.Why Can We Be Wrong by Trinere
    10-.Change On Me by Cynthia
    11-.Take Me In Your Arms by Lil' Suzy
    12.-Fantasy Girl by Johnny O
    13.-It's Automatic by Freestyle
    14.-In A Dream by Rockell
    15.-Come In To My Arms by Judy Torres
    16.-Memories by Johnny O
    17.-I'm Dreamin' by Will To Power
    18.-Highways Of Love by Johnny O
    19.-Thief Of Hearts by Cynthia
    20.-No Reason To Cry by Judy Torres
    21.-Can You Feel The Beat by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
    22.-Dream Boy, Dream Girl by Cynthia & Johnny O
    23.-Can Let You Go by Coro
    24.-Dreamin Of Love by Stevie B
    25.-Bad Of The Heart by George Lamond
    26.-Where Are you Tonight by Coro
    27.-Without you by George Lamond
    28.-Come Go With Me by Exposé
    29.-You Are The One by TKA
    30.-Show Me by Cover Girls
    31.-Crying Over You by Soavé
    32.-Together Forever by Lisette Melendez
    33.-Temptation by Corina
    34.-Boy I've Been Told by Sa-Fire
    35.-Give Me Back My Heart by Corina
    36.-Let Me Be The One by Sa-Fire
    37.- Take it While Is Hot by Sweet Sensation
    38.-Yo No Se by Pajama Party
    39.-I Won't Stop Loving You by C-Bank
    40.-Sincerly Yours by Sweet Sensation
    41.-Catch Me I'm Falling by Pretty Poison
    42.-Summer Time by Nocera
    43.-Diamond Girl by Nice & Wild