CReeves Makes the Mobile Outfeed Assembly Table with Kreg Features ep020

Published on Jun 26, 2018
CReeves Makes
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CReeves Makes the Mobile Outfeed Assembly Table with Kreg Features ep020


As I keep growing and going, I will develop and add more plans to the site! Please comment or contact me and let me know what plans you want to see next! Thank you to everyone for the support! Without you and this community, I wouldn't be able to host and put up this content the way that I do. I hope to make this a more common occurrence in 2019! Thanks!

Plans for this build:

Hey everyone! Sorry its been so long! I have been wrapping up some larger projects and cranking through 2018.

In this episode, I am building my long awaited MOAT that is 36" wide x 36" tall x 84" long. This bench is inspired by Ron Paulk's benches along with Jay Bates and his approach to the base.

I would like to thank Kreg Tool for sponsoring this video and providing some awesome tools and products that I can implement into this bench. Having a full perimeter clamping area is going to be fantastic in the shop!

There will be plans up the website for this build. Please keep in mind that plywood and material thicknesses vary and there are some dimensions on this project that can be "off" due to that. The plywood I used was around 18mm thick this threw off a couple of things early on.

Please comment and ask questions below and I will be happy to answer wherever I can!

Thank you for all the support and stay tuned for some more upcoming videos!

Tools used in this video! Thank you for supporting me and what I do!
Kreg K4:
Kreg Face Clamps:
Kreg Right Angle Clamp:
Kreg Automaxx Face Clamp:
Kreg Automaxx Bench Clamp:
Kreg Automaxx Face Clamp 6” :
Kreg Automaxx Vise:
Kreg Mini Trak:
Kreg Accu-Cut:
Kreg Top Trak:
Kreg Universal Clamp Trak:
Kreg Swing Stop:
Kreg T-Track Clamp:
Kreg LtR Tape:
Kreg Jig and Fixture Bar:
Kreg Production Stop:
Kreg Multi-Mark:
Kreg Drawer Slide Jig:
Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig:
Milwaukee Bit Set:
Microjig GRR-Ripper:
Microjig Leg Set:
Rockler Glue Brush:
RZ Mask:
RZ Filters:

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Kreg Tool:
Ron Paulk Bench:
Jay Bates Paulk Bench:
Fix This Build That Drawer video:

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