Chicken Family - funny song for kids

Friday, February 7, 2014
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Download Chicken Family - funny song for kids
    Chicken Family - funny song for kids

    Kidz Area channel is designed for kids and their entertainment using collections of original and funny rhymes exclusively composed and animated for our channel. Although we are here because of the youngest, we think that parents will also enjoy watching interesting clips with their children and we will upload those as often as possible.

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    Music composing & recording, design & animation:
    Goran Mihailovic

    Vesna Kerkez

    PointaDesign, Matthew Cole, Goran Mihailovic

    Goran Mihailovic

    English translation:
    Marija Trifunovic

    *** Chicken Family ***

    Mommy Hen sat on her bed
    Gently laid a little egg
    Very happy, very proud
    Clucked away to the crowd.

    Daddy Rooster came along
    Joined in with her lovely song
    Strong and loud then he blew
    cock a doodle do!

    Soon the baby chicken hatched
    it jumped out from shell and stretched
    then they clucked together
    even more and better.