Belongings | Short Horror Film | Crypt TV

Published on Jan 5, 2018
Crypt TV
Belongings | Short Horror Film | Crypt TV

You're not going to DISAPPEAR on me are you...?
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Writer: Giselle Marie
Director: Giselle Marie

Mother: Giselle Marie
Daughter: Aleah Santos
Realtor: Nikki Crowe

Cinematographer: Tim Crowe
Sound: Nick Crowe
Editor: Tim Crowe
Executive Producers: Scout Kirkpatrick, James Sommerville
Special Thanks: Fabrizio Colombi, Alfred Smith Cox Jr., James Furlong, Alba Weinman, Arnaud Niklaus, Clare Gmur, Craig Surko, Sherwin Garcia-Obregon, Christine Gomez, Karyn Ben Singer

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