Sea Animals Pronunciation for Children (with videos)

Published on Jul 1, 2016
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Sea Animals Pronunciation for Children (with videos)

In this video you will find ARCTIC ANIMALS with its English name. polar bear, seal, orca whale ... sure you learn some new animal while viewing photos, listening to the pronunciation in English and read as written.

This video is appropriate for elementary school children between 10 and 12 years and includes the following words: arctic fox, arctic hare, arctic wolf, reindeer, moose, dall sheep, ermine, lemming, polar bear, either otter, snowshoe hare, wolverine , arctic skua, arctic tern, bald eagle, canada goose, puffin, snowy owl, snow goose, beluga whale, greenland shark, killer whale, bearded seal, harp seal, hooded seal, ribbon seal and walrus.

This series consists of educational videos that appeal to attract children. So learning English is no longer a difficult task, but quite the opposite. The viewer feels eager to learn English, improve your speech and expand your vocabulary. These videos are the key for children to learn the language from an early age with images that support their knowledge.

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