5 Robotic Gadgets You NEED To Have [ New Humanoid Robots ]

Published on Nov 18, 2017
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5 Robotic Gadgets You NEED To Have [ New Humanoid Robots ]

5 Cool Robotic Gadgets You NEED To Have -New Humanoid Robots

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#5.Jibo ➡ https://www.jibo.com/
#4.Pillo ➡ http://pillohealth.com/
#3.Orbii ➡ http://myorbii.com
#2.Alpha II ➡ https://www.ubtrobot.com
#1.Musio ➡ https://themusio.com/

#5.Jibo ➡ The World's First Social Robot for the Home

JIBO is amazing robot everyone in the family.
Because JIBO Come standard with the latest A.i(artificial intelligence)

his skills and applications will grow, helping and entertaining in ways we-we haven’t yet imagined.

#4.Pillo ➡ Your Personal Home Health Robot.

This dynamic robot is a smart and friendly way to manage yours and your family's health!

Pillo is ai is smart and he's always learning.

#3.Orbii ➡ A Mobile Home Security Robot with HD Video

#2.Alpha II ➡ the First Humanoid Robot for the Family

Intelligent, Interactive and Expandable!

In a world filled with technology, we have all been looking for the latest automation and innovation to bring you best humanoid robots.

alpha 2 comes with a wide range of motion that allows it to do backflips and spin like the new atlas, from Boston Dynamics

The robots we’ve dreamed of since we were kids could be our friends and members of our family.

#1.Musio ➡ Your Curious New Friend

The world's first artificially intelligent dynamic robot, designed to engage and grow with you.

Musio is an artificially intelligent (A.I.) robot designed to learn, adapt and grow with you. Great to simply hang out with or to assist with basic tasks, Musio can be also be used as a learning tool for children.

The more you use Musio, the smarter it becomes. We will be embarking on this adventure together.

Musio is the creation of AKA(AKA), the leading technology company in machine learning and natural language processing. Its international team of expert engineers, machine learning specialists, data scientists, and natural language processing linguists have been developing Musio for several years.

AKA's mission was to create an A.I. robot that can think on its own and create an interactive learning environment for people.

The dream has finally been realized, and as a contributor, you have the opportunity to participate in a new world of A.I. technology.


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