25 Personas que merecen un PREMIO NOBEL al ingenio.

Published on May 20, 2015
Download 25 Personas que merecen un PREMIO NOBEL al ingenio.
25 Personas que merecen un PREMIO NOBEL al ingenio.

1. The hour of rest has arrived.
Men resting on the carrtillas used as seats in the middle of the construction.
2. This genius of marketing.
publicity on public transport safety lines.
3. A mobile pool.
improvised pool in the back of a van with three subjects inside bathing.
4. The one who made this handle
Handle repaired for the sink with a conventional key.
5. He who will be saved from the evil of the carp.
Man invents a mouse holder to rest his arm and avoid the evil of carpoo.
6. Who needs a hydraulic jack ?.
family helps man to change a tire with a trunk being used as a hydraulic jack.
7. A handle fork to open the door.
person invents handle with a fork to continue opening the door of the co-driver of the car.
8. This handy windshield wiper.
wipers created from a sponge to wash dishes.
9. To zoom in on this surveillance camera.
zoom in surveillance camera from a magnifying glass to increase and clean the visibility.
10. When the seat fails, a chair better.
Wooden chair in the place where the driver's seat goes in a car.
11. A prize to which repaired this old laptop.
old laptop is patched with a bra apparently from a piece of furniture to open and close without it closing and breaking the screen.
12. One of the most practical mowers.
Clipper that was adjusted to a bicycle to do more practice.
13. A nap for such a long day.
Men invent beds with logs reloaded on the rim of the trailer and thus be able to rest.
14. Great idea.
Woman uses the zipper squeegee so that the brassier does not fall off.
15. This mobile disco.
They put horns in the form of a horse saddle to have the sound mobile at all times.
16. There are no spoons ?.
spoon invented from a fork and a disposable cup.
17. This type of security for your home.
Glass bottles that were placed to prevent them from entering their property through the fences.
18. Who came up with the name of this product.
poison for rats called the last supper.
19. This mirror.
Mirror used as a mirror for a car.
20. And the most ingenious teacher award is for ...!
teacher puts manila folder on exam to prevent copying students.
21. Someone found the solution to the invention number 20.
Chava puts on stockings and keeps accordion inside before the exam.
22. I already have the new aifon 6.
23. We forgot the cooler, what do we do ?.
24. Cup or glass? What do you want?
glasses made with empty plastic pet bottles.
25. One way to boil water.