Published on Dec 19, 2017

In this video I break down 10 myths that I've heard during my time in Linux. Hopefully this video helps those who have heard these myths overcome their fear and give Linux a try.

*Apologies for some of the popping on the mic. Should not have purchased a cheap pop filter.

Top 10 Myths About Linux

#1 Linux Is Difficult To Learn
#2 Linux Doesn't Work With Modern Hardware
#3 Linux Market Share Is Small Or Linux Is A Niche Product
#4 No Major Vendors Sell Linux Desktop Computers
#5 There Is No Such Thing As A Beginner Linux Distro
#6 Installing Software Is Hard In Linux
#7 You Can't Run Mainstream Software On Linux
#8 You Have To Use The Terminal To Use Linux
#9 Linux Can't Get Viruses
#10 You Can't Game On Linux

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